A Great Idea of Straw Building Blocks Making Warm Sustainable Homes

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It turns out to be a great idea to stuff straw into units with which one can built an actual home and a very sustainable one too. It is actually a very simple but unique idea. How it works? People on the field are in fact using straw to create building block which one can using almost like a Lego and construct very easily homes. After all, straw is nothing else but a waste on farms. Thus, one can use something that would go to waste as a building material and create a sustainable home that is very eco-friendly.

Straw11 300x210 A Great Idea of Straw Building Blocks Making Warm Sustainable Homes

Straw Building Blocks

Such warm sustainable homes have so many advantages that one would not believe. First of all, their insulating value is incomparable. In fact, it is three times better than an insulated 2×6 stud wall. Also, these constructions are proven to be seismically strong, excelling even wood framing and concrete walls. A positive is also that they are very easy to assemble, thus making them accessible to many families to even construct them themselves, since each block weighs not more than 30 lbs.

Thus, by taking into consideration all of these benefits, this idea of straw building block macking a warm sustainable home is more than excellent and it calls for many people to take advantage of them.

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